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Cultural heritage

(buildings, interiors)
Place, country VR-photo (format, size)
Mutterkirche, Waldbreitbach, Germany (outside, with compass)
Mutterkirche, Waldbreitbach, Germany
(inside) 96kb
Sant Petersburg, Tallinn 2002-2005

12, IE7 friendly panoramas,

lafayette Gallerie Lafayette Paris QT 1 MB
Agora Stocksundstorps Gård, Sweden 101 kb, pop-up window
Opera saloon Stocksundstorps Gård, Solna 106 kb, pop-up window
Sofia Hagman's cabinet Stocksundstorps Gård 104 kb, pop-up window
Seglora church, Skansen Stockholm 150 kb
Polish Museum Rapperswil, Switzerland 130 kb
Riddarholmen Stockholm 210 kb
Monteliusvägen Stockholm 120 kb
The Big Square Old Town, Stockholm 160 kb
Skogskyrkogården World Heritage site, Stockholm 7 panoramas virtual tour with map and orientation arrow + 10 new views in Quick Time
Uppsala 1999-2004 , Sweden 10 full sphere panoramas
Cracow , Poland 11 full sphere panoramas
Saint Clara Church Stockholm 112 kb
Gustaf Vasa Church Stockholm 120 kb
Stockholm cathedral Stockholm 137 kb
Zurich panorama, Switzerland 260 kb, pop-up window
Old Town crossroad, Zurich Full sphere, 210 kb
Stockholm's panorama, Stockholm (from Slussen, to the west) 46 kb

Offices and public interiors

(interiors, shops)
Farsta Shoping Mall Sweden 88 kb
3-areas office space (wandering), Sweden 90-110 kb
Swimming pool Warsaw, Poland  82 kb

Home interiors
(house interiors)
Living room 96 kb
Small hall 85 kb

Wahlscheid, Germany 80 kb
View from Kozi Wierch Tatra Mountains, Poland 2 pano

Car's interior (Toyota) Stockholm 36 kb
Car's interior (Toyota) Stockholm 145 kB
Stockholm taxi (Volvo S-80) Stockholm 100 kB, pop-up window

"Croco" - an onion cutter 160 kb
Hummer H2 - a city jeep 430 kb

Gärdet old cars contest June 2003 Flash video, 65 sec.
0.9 Mb
White Nights Boats Race July 2005, St. Petersburg Flash video, 1 min.
2.8 Mb
Charity ball at Town Hall 17th February 2001, Stockholm, 2 panos
Handball tournament 10th June 2000, Stockholm, 128 kb
Stockholm from USS Ross June 2000, Stockholm, 96 kb
USS Ross (command bridge) June 2000, Stockholm, 113 kb

Quick Time, require Quick Time 5 or higher installed (versions with half-automatic plugin installation)

Stockholm views,   Many 360VRs
Winter, New  Stockholm QT Fullscreen
City Hall,   Stockholm Quick Time 5, 0.75 MB, fullscreen, pop-up window
Riddarholmen Terrace, Stockholm Quick Time 5, 1.4 MB, fullscreen, pop-up window
Royal Palace Stockholm 124 kb
PZA Himalayas expedition 1997 Diamir Valley 2 photos

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